INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY SERVICE ONLINE WORKSHOP ON ECO-EDUCATION ACTIVITIES as a Small Steps To Reduce the Impact of Climate Change With Family and ONLINE TEACHING STRATEGY for Online Class in Early Age Education

As an institution, Udayana University has its responsibility to serve the community through three different aspects, namely providing education, research development, and community service. This community service activity will act as one of Udayana University responsibility to the community. Our target community for this time is teacher in early age education and young parents. 

During this pandemic, we are being pushed to adopt new norms in every aspect of our life, including in education sector. Schools has to deliver their subjects via online platform for students, with parent’s guidance at home. This situation is quite challenging to most teachers and young parents in Indonesia since no adequate preparations has been conducted earlier. A carefully planned activity and teaching strategy are absolutely required, to have more attentions is given by young students toward the subjects. Teaching methods in a fun and interesting ways will be more preferred by students and parents, therefore more understanding to the subjects will be gained. In accordance to the above, we are conducting this online workshop for teachers in early age education institution, as well as for young parents. Embarking from the root of our Faculty, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the environment crisis issues will be used as the topic in this workshop. 

This workshop is divided into two sections. The first section is eco education activities workshop and the second section is teaching strategy for online class in early age education workshop. The first section will be started by brief explanation of Green Books organization and various programs that can be implemented by the workshop participants (Biodiversity, Climate Change, Zero Waste) by Mr. Petr Hindrich. Then will be continued by Ms. Nurul Adhim to deliver the online ecoactivities workshop to the participants, exemplify by creating poster on microplasticpollution in our food chain. Green Books is a non profit organization, established in Cezch in 2014, that majorily promote education for sustainability in innovative ways, by combining three pillars namely eco education for kids, training local educators, and the promotion of eco-friendly products. In 2019, Yayasan Green Books Indonesia was established in Bali, Indonesia with the goal to collaborate with other subjects and government agencies to train local educators through online resources and offline workshops. The eco education activity workshop then will be continued by Dr. Made Ria Defiani from Udayana University who will deliver a workshop on gardening flower and vegetables at home.  

The second section will be led by Ms. Jenny Dudgeon from Department of Education Tasmania Australia. Ms. Dudgeon is Manager Sustainability Programs at Sustainability Learning Centre, Department of Education Tasmania Australia which is an innovative and visionary purpose-built educational facility. In collaboration with Ms. Ingrid Colman, she will deliver presentation on Teaching Strategy for Online Class in Early Age Education. All these proposed activities aim to  provide more ideas and for sharing experiences and knowledge to teacher community, as well as young parents, in Indonesia. 

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