President of Indonesia Ornithologist Union Comes to Introduce Bioacoustics

The Udayana University Biology Study Program has just held a Workshop with the theme "Bioacoustics for Bird Research and Monitoring" on Tuesday, November 15 2022 at the Meeting Room Veneta Gelateria Bali, Sanur. This limited workshop was attended by 30 participants consisting of lecturers and students of the Biology Study Program, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Rothschild Professional Interest Group, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Udayana University. The President of Indonesia Ornithologist Union, Ign. Pramana Yuda, Ph.D., as a guest speaker. The event was opened by Ms. Luh Putu Eswaryanti Kusuma Yuni, M.Sc., Ph.D., as the organizer and continued with the delivery of workshop materials. The resource person, who is fondly called Mr. Pram, started the material with the basics of identifying bird species, namely in terms of morphology, sound, molecular and morphometrics.

The presentation of the material was continued by introducing Bioacoustics, namely the use of sound for the study of biological systems. In general, bioacoustics is applied for conservation, evolution, and ecology purposes. In particular, he conveyed the use of bioacoustics for bird inventory based on sound by looking at the spectrogram. In this material, he conveyed concisely and clearly how the workflow of bioacoustic research, the tools needed, how to analyze in general, and several applications that can be used to record and analyze data. This very interesting material aroused the enthusiasm of the participants, especially in the discussion session. The discussion session went very well with questions and interesting comments from the eight participants.

The event ended with a group photo and eating dishes provided by Veneta Gelateria. The organizers hope that the knowledge conveyed in this Bioacoustic Workshop can add to and open the participants' insights. "Hopefully this activity can arouse participants' interest in bioacoustics, as well as be the beginning of the emergence of creative and innovative ideas from participants to conduct research, especially in the field of bioacoustics," said the organizer. Not to forget, the organizers expressed their gratitude to various parties who have supported the running of this workshop, I hope that in the future this activity can come back with topics that are no less interesting.